Sunday, March 29, 2009

Open Wide

Sometimes I like eating carrots by the handfuls too...

Let's just say we don't have problems trying to get this one to eat.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Alexa learned how to do push-ups from watching Scott and now she loves to do them.

Sometimes we'll be walking down the sidewalk and she'll just sprawl out on her belly to do a push-up.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is a labyrinth anyway?

We went to this cool park after church on Sunday. It's called Labyrinth Park because it has a labyrinth (fancy word for maze - I didn't know). It was fun to try to make our way to the middle. We finally did it.

This is what you find when you get to the middle - us in front of a statue. You remember Scott and Kirby, our roommates, right?

This next picture is what you get when you pull your elastic out of your hair and rub chip grease in it. But don't worry, it makes you really happy.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Paris - Day 2

Highlights of the day:

Notre Dame - the girl taking the picture must have thought we didn't want the whole church in the picture.

So here it is in its entirety. It's huge!

And so detailed. This is the arch for one of the doors. Each saint is different and one at the bottom was beheaded.


Inside the cathedral.

Pont Neuf. It's the oldest bridge in Paris. Maybe you're like us and the only thing you know about Paris comes from the Borne Identity, that's why we thought this bridge was cool.

Crepes for lunch. Yum! This was our dessert - chocolate and roasted almond crepe.

Arc de Triomphe, commissioned by Bonaparte in 1806 after he won a battle. Again, the kid taking the picture didn't think we wanted the actual arc in the background. Sheesh...we must be too picky.

So we had someone else take a picture.

My personal favorite. Mr. Eiffle's tower. We got a better photographer this time.

This is just one leg of it. It's all that would fit in my camera window.

The guy with the orange pants. Brad found it odd that "these guys were trying to look all gangster, and one of them is wearing bright orange 'swishy' pants" (you know, the pants that make the "swish" sound with every step).

Friday, March 6, 2009

Paris - Day 1

Brad has a long weekend that started yesterday, so we decided to take a trip to Paris. We didn't want to make it easy, so we took the most difficult way possible (we thought it would be cheaper this way, but now we're not so sure - learn from your mistakes, right?). First, we took the bus, then the metro, then the train, then another bus, then the plane, then another bus, then the metro again. It took us about 8 1/2 hours to get to the hotel, but we made it!

Here's our little room:

Even though we were SO tired we couldn't just waste the night in our hotel room, so we ventured to the Louvre to take advantage of the Friday night discount.

Here are the highlights:

Brad got lost in the crowd trying to see the Mona Lisa.

But he finally got close enough to take a picture.
This is the Venus de Milo, which is supposed to be a sculpture of either Aphrodite or another Greek goddess, but they're not sure which one since the arms are missing. It was created sometime between 130 and 100 b.c.

Here are some of Michelangelo's sculptures, the rebel slave (seen here) and the dying slave (in the background - it's not appropriate).

This is the inside of the pyramid. Way cooler in real life.

Outside the pyramid. Too dark to see how pretty it is.

The Eiffle tower in the background. It's the real thing! (I've only seen the one in Vegas) Hopefully we'll get a close-up today.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Picture Tag

I got tagged by my sister, Melissa, for this tag, I was supposed to go to the documents on my computer, go to pictures, pick the 6th file, then the 6th folder, and the 6th picture. I was to then post the picture on my blog, tell about it, and tag 6 people to do the same. This is what I found:

Oh, just Alexa and me overlooking the Balearic Sea. It's the body of water that's closest to our apt. That's all.

I tag those that are feeling a little devilish today, because all those 6's will be right up your alley... (even though there are 4 of them)