Monday, February 21, 2011

Painting Projects

We had a few painting projects we'd been working on for a while so we decided to buckle down and get them done. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day we had a family paint day and finished most of them.

It was way too cold outside, so the garage became our workshop.

Alexa even got to join in on the fun.
Cailin isn't part of this because....well, can you imagine?
We had to do it all while she slept.
Anyway, we were pretty happy with the results. Here are two of the finished projects.

We painted another night stand and an armoire as well.

If you don't look too closely they actually look ok. At least we have some matching furniture. :)

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Silly Boys

The other night we went and had dinner with some of Brad's coworkers. We went to a burger place in Boise called Big Jud's.
They have this challenge where if you eat a 1 lb hamburger and 1 lb of fries within an hour, you get your picture on the wall.
Well, if you know my husband you know he won't pass up a challenge. And since his friend Will was doing it, he was even more determined. To give you an idea of what he had to eat, here's his burger compared to mine. And then the fries too!

He ate the first half no problem. Then started to slow down. I tried to convince him that he didn't have to finish, but he wouldn't be deterred. He said the burger wasn't the hard part, but the fries about did him in. He made himself totally sick, but he finished in about 45 minutes. And he got his picture taken.

The next day he didn't want breakfast or lunch.

Why do boys do silly things like this?