Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Silly Saluting

I don't know if anyone out there is still reading our blog.  We post so sporadically, that it's probably very dull to follow us, but this little exchange I had with Alexa needs to be memorialized, so here goes.

Cassi and the kids picked me up for lunch today.  We went to our favorite restaurant, an Indian place called the Great Taj Mahal, because they were having a lunch deal to commemorate their 6th anniversary of being open.  The curry there is great, but we go for the naan.  It's outstanding. Here's to 6 more years of soul-pleasing naan...

Anyway, this place is just a stones throw from base, so there were a lot of personnel from base enjoying the lunch deal.  On our way out, a group of three Airmen were strolling up to the restaurant.  They saluted me, I returned their salute.  Alexa noticed this and asked "Why do you always do this?" as she's hitting her forehead repeatedly. I said, "We have to do it for work," thinking I would spare her (and myself) the explanation of military customs and courtesies that contribute to good order and discipline among us service members.  Alexa just starts cracking up.  Like really laughing.  And I don't think I've seen her laugh like this before.  She gets giggly from time to time, but this was different from giggly.  She really found this idea of hitting your forehead with your hand funny.  And maybe the thought that I had to do it for work contributed to the humor.  I said, "you're a funny girl," because her cracking up made me start laughing.  She said, "no, I'm not the one who does this all the time" and starts hitting her hand against her forehead again.  We laughed all the way to the car, and I've been laughing about this throughout the day.  She's 5, by the way.